Fuel Distribution

At Saxeni Fuel Solutions, we understand that the success of any fuel distribution system is reliant on access to a safe and constant fuel supply, along with ease of use, reliable and adaptable fuel storage tanks. Our robust AceCube range was developed with all these essential features in mind, offering you an all purpose tank suitable for even the harshest of environments and toughest of challenges.

We kept these requirements in mind when designing the AceCube Range. That is why the range comes with safe, lockable hatch lids. These robust lids mean fuel can be filled on site securely with the AceCube lockable solutions. In addition, each tank’s unique, 3 tier design makes access to the inner primary tank much easier and faster for routine cleaning and maintenance. Their innovative design allows for ‘lifting when full’ and ‘transportable when full ‘solutions, meaning the AceCube Range is ideally suited for the bulk fuel distribution industry.

Its versatility, durability and intelligent design, has made it the preferred choice for discerning experts in this field.