Global Certifications & Approvals

Patent no: GB2502198

Trade Mark Certificate

CAN CGSB 43.146,2002

AceCube Fuel Storage Tanks have undergone and passed this rigorous 8 stage testing process, via an approved UN containment testing laboratory. The AceCube 450L, 950L, 2000L and 3000L Tanks are approved for transport while full under Department of Transport Canada regulations.

UN 31 A/Y

This UN Approval Certification is a globally recognised cert based on an 8 point test procedure, which AceCube Fuel Storage Tanks have undergone. The certificate qualifies them for the containment and transport of hazardous liquids. The AceCube 450L, 950L, 2000L, 3000L Tanks are authorised for transit on freeways when full of fuel.

ULC S601-14

The Under Written Laboratories Canada Approval Certification (UL C S601-14) is a globally recognized cert for the storage of fuel in compartments above ground. AceCube Bunded Fuel Storage Tanks have successfully completed this tough testing process and continue to engage with the ULC to participate in ongoing assessment.

UL 142

The Under written Laboratories Approval Certification is a globally recognised cert for the safe storage of fuel above ground. All AceCube Tanks have undergone this stringent testing procedure and continue to undergo ongoing intermittent testing by the UL regulatory body.

PPG2 & PPG26

The PPG Approvals are quality requirements ensuring that we comply with the highest standards in the prevention of pollution for our above ground fuel storage tanks. By following these guidelines we ensure all potentially hazardous liquid’s are secured in a safe and robust manner.

TSSA B1390 ON – 2006 (Optional)

Lifting when Empty

Vibration Tested

Lifting when Full Certified

(IBC) Intermediate Bulk Containment

Adhering to ADR regulations