BLUE CUBE Dual Fuel Tank


The BlueCube Dual Fuel Tank primarily distributes fuel to industrial machines and vehicles powered by tier 4 engines.

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Enhanced Design Features

Dispensing & Accessibility

The BlueCube Dual Fuel Tank is best suited to meet the refuelling requirements of industrial machinery with tier 4 engines. It features an adblue nozzle and hose along with a piusi nozzle, that is located close to the diesel tank. If required a retractable 8m hose reel can be fitted on request.

Maintenance & Environment

The unique 3 tier component design allows the inner tank to be completely removed and disconnected, meaning it is unencumbered during cleaning and inspection. This design also allows for an easy refurbishment and enhances ROI.

Transportable & Portable

The BlueCube Dual Fuel Smart Tank is UN certified for the transportation and storing of industrial and hazardous lubricants globally.


The BlueCube Dual Tank features two robust galvanised hatches, positioned at each end of the tank. It also consists of secure locking devices which will allay any security concerns.


Retractable Hose Reel

8M, 10M, 15M Heavy Duty Retractable Hose Reel, Suited for Diesel, Gas, Oil and DEF Use

BP3000 12V DC Pump Kit

BP 3000 12V Diesel Pump, Auto 60 Nozzle, 4M Delivery Hose and Battery Cables with Pos / Neg Crocodile Clips

Panther 12V DC Pump Kit

Auto 60 Nozzle, 4M Delivery Hose, Battery Cables and Positive and Negative Crocodile Clips

Fuel Dispensing Nozzle

High Quality Nozzles, Available in Either Automatic or Manual Dispensing and With or Without Automatic Cut-off

Dispensing Nozzle With Digital Flow Meter

Manual or Automatic Dispensing Nozzle with K24 Digital Flow Meter

Feed & Return Hose

Ready Made 4m to 12 m Hoses and Dual End Crimped Connection


Metric Imperial US
1650 Litres 435.88 Gallons 362.95 Gallons
2425 mm 7.96 ft 2425 mm
1085 mm 3.56 ft 1085 mm
1075 mm 3.53 ft 1075 mm
Outer Tank Thickness
3 mm 0.01 ft 3 mm
Inner Tank Thickness
3 mm 0.01 ft 3 mm
Weight, Tare
980 kg 2160.53 lbs 980 kg
Weight, Laden
2680 kg 5908.38 lbs 2680 kg
Safe Fuel Fill Level
1560 Litres 412.11 Gallons 343.15 Gallons


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